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Your generosity helps Zaman International provide hope to marginalized women and children through basic needs assistance and skills training, while offering the dignity of infant burial services and responding to international crises.

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On behalf of all the women and children your donation will assist, we thank you.



Zaman International also accepts clothing and goods. If you would like to donate clothing or goods, please click the link below to view our donation bin locations, or to fill out our simple form so one of our staff members can contact you.

We can accept clothing, home furnishings, household appliances, kitchen accessories and bedroom furniture that are in good condition, clean and working. A complete list can be found on our donate goods page.

Aline Saad, Office and Mobile Food Pantry Volunteer says:
When I first started with Zaman I was looking for some extra volunteer work, something I could put some extra time in to help the community. As I started to engage through some of the activities I realized Zaman was much more than I thought it would be. I recognized that Zaman was something powerful, something vital and influential. Zaman not only impacted the clients, it also impacted my inner self. Dealing with the clients through the mobile food drive came with many surprises. You get to see the outside world get a connection with the clients and get to know them better every day. One case was when I didn't show up to deliver on one of my regular delivery days the client noticed my absence, so the next time I delivered she checked up with me to see why I was gone. I had been gone due to my father's funeral. The client was startled by the news, showing her sorrow and asked my dad’s name in order to include him in her prayers. Another time, I delivered to a family this past Eid, and they greeted me gratefully, thinking that we wouldn't be delivering on Eid but instead celebrating with family. The thing that really touches me is seeing all the smiles on the seniors' faces and the excitement all the kids have when they are given food and gifts, knowing that there are people who care.